Recovering [adjective]

Definition of Recovering:

getting better

Synonyms of Recovering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recovering:


Sentence/Example of Recovering:

"He's gone off with my gold," exclaimed Paul Nichols, recovering from his stupefaction.

"Let us hope so," said the captain, recovering his cheerfulness.

"Never mind, brother," replied the good Deacon, recovering his temper.

Did she wish to say that she was grateful to him for having helped her in recovering the linen?

Across the room the four stunned Dyaks were recovering consciousness.

On recovering from his wounds, the war of the Fronde broke out.

She was getting better, recovering her breath with an effort.

You are just recovering from a severe cold, and I am responsible to your parents.

"Never," answered the mender of roads, recovering his perpendicular.

Diabolus addressed the assembly, putting them in hopes of recovering their prize.