Heroism [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Heroism:

The past seven months have redefined his notion of heroism but reinforced how much he values sports.

Both were endowed with unusual attractions of person, spirits invigorated by enthusiasm, and the loftiest heroism.

The primitive church, indeed, treasured up these memories of moral heroism as her most precious legacy to after times.

Virtue and heroism went hand in hand; and both virtue and heroism were the result of their religion.

The glow of conscious heroism warmed me, even like last night's dinner, to sympathy with my kind.

The reader must not feel surprised at the virile heroism Carmela displayed under the present circumstances.

There the lion is placed, the involuntary symbol of the supreme heroism of the Imperial Guard.

"Mrs. Stanley, you are an example of heroism to our sex," replied the Mexican, with an ironical grin.

I remember the leading Dissenters came to Bungay with a piece of plate, to present to Mr. Childs, to commemorate his heroism.

The memorial is of bronze, and tells a story of privation and suffering, but of glorious heroism, and victory even in death.