Rectified [verb]

Definition of Rectified:

correct a situation; make something right

Synonyms of Rectified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rectified:

Sentence/Example of Rectified:

Some of it may have to be rectified, as they term it, and that will cause delay.

My dear father, do not let this mistake affect you too deeply; it will easily be rectified.

Molineux and Birge were too far to the front, and the line must be rectified.

I rectified the error, and he entered the information in a book.

But if they have, the sooner the evil is rectified the better.

Rectified lard; and so well, let me tell you, that no one could compete with him.

Rather like one that is straight of himself, or hath ever been straight, than one that hath been rectified.

When I had rectified this error of omission I received your despatch of yesterday.

Then came the question;—as I had done this evil, how was it to be rectified?

A mistake has been made and can't be rectified at this late hour.