Dissolved [verb]

Definition of Dissolved:

melt from solid to liquid; mix in

Synonyms of Dissolved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissolved:

Sentence/Example of Dissolved:

The remainder of the residue may be dissolved in a little dilute sulphuric acid.

They are dissolved by strong hydrochloric acid, and recrystallize as octahedra upon addition of ammonia.

That the Society be immediately dissolved, in view of pending litigation.

Those stains which are dissolved in methyl-alcohol combine fixation with the staining process.

Haggard leant from the window, waving his hand; his wife gazed after the vanishing train, standing like Niobe, dissolved in tears.

Richard Cromwell's parliament dissolved by commission under the great seal, at the instance of Desborough.

Whenever a chance of more remunerative employment turned up, Aristide took it and dissolved the Agence.

What appears to be ground glass is only the little crystals or small particles of alkali that have not been dissolved.

It is in this way that lime, which occurs in the soil principally as the insoluble carbonate, is dissolved and absorbed.

A new Assembly had just been convened, from which all the members of the one but recently dissolved were by law excluded.