Render [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Render:

All have done their duty well, and to them also I desire to render my thanks.

If I can render any assistance in making these inquiries, I will.

My field of labor was my own heart, which I endeavored to render pure in the sight of God.

It is not a thing for which one can render formal thanks in formal words.

A complete system of drainage is needed to render the work complete.

The Orange-Outangs who render the side-walks dangerous have his worst.

"You render me very grateful, Tom," said Major Cross, heartily.

The thing most talked of, I remember, was the help that these Oneidas could render us.

But all that had led to that love had only served to render it more enduring and concentred.

But I am accountable to man, and that account I am willing to render.