Repay [verb]

Definition of Repay:

give back money or possession

Synonyms of Repay:

Opposite/Antonyms of Repay:

Sentence/Example of Repay:

He hailed it as a present relief, though he supposed he should have to repay it some time.

I married you, not because I loved you, but to repay your father the wrong he had done me.

I have forgotten to repay him the gold; it shall be sent to-morrow.

Be encouraged by recollecting who observes and who can repay you.

I cannot repay it, except by my thanks; and those only on condition that he will decline his suit.

There's the loss of time it has occasioned, the worry, the uncertainty: who is to repay me all that?

Suppose we did not succeed in forming our company, how could we repay you the money?'

If there is aught that I can do to repay you for your ill usage—'

Greatly frightened, he thought that he had returned to repay old Wang.

I will, of course, repay you at the earliest possible opportunity.