Compensate [verb]

Definition of Compensate:

make restitution

Synonyms of Compensate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compensate:

Sentence/Example of Compensate:

A great player can really sing on these with such a delightful effect as almost to compensate for the want of speech.

In a dress, no outlay upon the material will compensate for a badly fitting garment.

The way in which a watch is made to automatically compensate for temperature changes is interesting.

However luxurious the apartment of the Place Vendome might be, it could not compensate for the loss of these marvels.

Would the count surrender title to the damaged car to compensate for rail transportation?

In order to compensate herself for the silence to which young ladies are condemned, Caroline talks; or rather babbles.

If she had qualities of mind and heart, sufficient to compensate her for her external appearance, she was indeed an angel within.

But it is the glory of the state as a visible effort to correct evils, atone for neglects, and compensate for wrongs.

Neither progress in the languages nor knowledge of mathematics can compensate for the want of a thorough etymological discipline.

It would compensate for all the suffering at his supposed loss.