Reimburse [verb]

Definition of Reimburse:

pay back something owed

Synonyms of Reimburse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reimburse:

Sentence/Example of Reimburse:

Whether the United States government should reimburse the losses of the Tories.

I will reimburse the poor and I will be a true Catharine to Henry.

The empress might at least reimburse me if she does nothing more.

My capital in the firm, and my share of the profits, will reimburse you for about thirty thousand.

All along he had been relying upon a "bonanza crop" to reimburse him.

But, with the half price I was allowed to charge, and was paid, I cannot reimburse them.

Then they do not propose to reimburse us for all that we have done, or to find us another settlement?

They contended, too, that he could reimburse himself from the products of the farm.

Barnby, our manager, will apply for it, unless the rector can reimburse us.

You ask, how you may reimburse the expense of these trifles?