Recoup [verb]

Definition of Recoup:

recover, make up for

Synonyms of Recoup:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recoup:

Sentence/Example of Recoup:

This will recoup him for his outlay, because the working capital has not been touched.

Dead broke, he was ready for anything which promised to recoup his fortunes.

The best thing is for me to give our lads a rest to recoup a bit.

How they are able to do this, and to recoup themselves, can be imagined.

You will find there is far more than enough to recoup the firm.

The chance to recoup might depend upon this money, the cashier felt.

"Still it is possible to recoup that," rejoined the boy slily.

Page 17: "to recruit in mind and body" changed to "to recoup his mind and body"

The Chicago engagement was expected to recoup us for our losses in the West.

But I have heard of the endeavor of M. le Duc to recoup his fortunes.