Repossess [verb]

Definition of Repossess:

take back

Synonyms of Repossess:

Opposite/Antonyms of Repossess:


Sentence/Example of Repossess:

The government resolved to repossess New Orleans and Mobile.

Cordelia lands with French troops to repossess Lear of his kingdom.

Here there was clearly no aggression: he was only attempting to repossess his own.

As he spoke she had but one thought, to repossess herself of the note.

I freely own that I'd give all the rest willingly to repossess myself of the Monsoon treaty.

Thus ended the most notable effort of the Nephites to repossess the land of their fathers' first inheritance, the land of Nephi.

"He has the same right to repossess his slave here as in his own State;" the same right to kill him if he attempts to escape!

"Call me your brother," said I, trying to repossess myself of the hand she had gently withdrawn from my grasp.

To allow the memory of that other evening to repossess her had seemed the best answer to make.

The war was occasioned by Black Hawk disowning the treaty and attempting to repossess the territory.