Retake [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Retake:

Orders had been received to retake Bazeilles at every cost, and drive the Bavarians into the Meuse.

No attempt was made to retake the town, for there could be no profit in gaining what could not be held.

"The Zouaves are to retake the village, with the bayonet," he said.

A little later the place where the retake was to be made was reached.

An enemy might at any moment appear, and not only retake the prize, but themselves.

“We must go off at once in the gig and retake the ship,” said Gregory sternly.

“I wonder whether she will attempt to retake the Swift,” said Captain Brine.

An attempt was made to retake it, but the boys held their ground.

What would you do, Jerry, if you perceived them rushing aft to retake the vessel?

He told her how Frank had persuaded him to try to retake Victoire with the law's help.