Reassume [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Reassume:

He was obliged, however, to retain his riding-skirt, and to reassume his mask.

After a sort of apology to Delamere, he endeavoured to reassume his consequence.

Without a word he began with equal celerity to reassume his clothes.

Mr. Sarrazin found it necessary to reassume his professional character.

This autumn she had come back determined to reassume her position.

If the man should choose of his own accord to reassume the old friendly relations,—well and good.

The Church was then militant in a peculiar sense, and found it difficult to reassume the fitter and more becoming garb of peace.

But I shall be better able to reassume this conversation to-morrow—to-night I am fatigued; and it is time for us to separate.'

The ankles of our fair friends in a few weeks began to reassume their whiteness, and left us scarce a leg to stand upon.

It became the nobler ambition of Julius to aggrandize the church, and to reassume the protectorate of the Italian people.