Provide [verb]

Definition of Provide:

supply, support

Synonyms of Provide:

Opposite/Antonyms of Provide:

Sentence/Example of Provide:

Solomon, the Wise, decided to provide them with a magnificent home.

If she would go with him, he held such a position that he could provide for her honourably.

"De Lawd will provide" was her motto, and He never failed her.

It alone has the power to provide revenues for the Government.

It is the crisis which makes the pressure, and not the laws which provide a remedy for it.

A President may sense and proclaim that new spirit, but only a people can provide it.

We must provide for our nation the way a family provides for its children.

He would love them, of course, and provide for them better than any other man she knew.

I am the father of eight children, and I have a wife and myself to provide for.

Another one to provide for, he thought—and on this thought walked into the bedroom.