Proffer [verb]

Definition of Proffer:

suggest, offer

Synonyms of Proffer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proffer:

Sentence/Example of Proffer:

Let me end as I begun, with the proffer of my hand in grasp of yours extended.

Now to thee, my prince, I proffer them all, gladly give them.

I do not proffer this hand to everybody; but you steal into my heart.

But, if he was sincere, if he meant what he said, why did he not come again to proffer it?

He felt in a way obliged to proffer a word or two about the interview.

Is this house now your own, that you can make a proffer of it to any one?

I understand that proffer, and accept it as freely as it is given.

He took her traveling case from her hand, muttering a proffer to assist her.

She disdainfully refused his proffer of assistance and mounted the pony.

Had it not seemed then as if he almost wished that the proffer should come from her?