Volunteer [verb]

Definition of Volunteer:

offer to do something

Opposite/Antonyms of Volunteer:

Sentence/Example of Volunteer:

"Never knew him to volunteer to do a thing before," declared Max.

In 1792, he enlisted as a volunteer; and in a year he was general of brigade.

Hers is the only army into which no man can be forced, and in which every man is a volunteer.

Is my life any more precious than yours, or that of some volunteer Army pilot?

There's Charley going out as a volunteer to India, for what or why no one can say.

But Warren had come as a volunteer, and asked where he should go.

He came as a volunteer, knew his risk, and was prepared to die.

You also must believe so, who are here as a volunteer in Russia.

It was able to secure the services of a volunteer travelers' aid society.

After the match was over, Henry might volunteer to black his eye for him, but that was a side issue.