Feather [noun]

Definition of Feather:

tuft of bird; plumage

Synonyms of Feather:

Opposite/Antonyms of Feather:


Sentence/Example of Feather:

You can build your archery equipment with a sharp fixed-blade knife, some paracord, a flexible sapling, a few tree shoots for arrows, and a few feathers.

Perched and upright, the birds pointed their bills upwards, fluffed their feathers and stopped moving.

Their feathers or scales have multiple layers of intricate micro- or nanostructures to absorb light.

The fossil find further suggests that Microraptor, which lived 120 million years ago, may have shed only a few feathers at a time — just like modern songbirds, researchers report July 16 in Current Biology.

In a never-before-seen particle, four quarks of a feather flock together.

Green leaves spring from the trees, flowers come in every color of the rainbow, and birds sport fashionably colorful feathers.

They may think they are like a fingernail, a bird feather or a human hair, says Nanfang Yu.

Clean your tube regularly, and your amber mouthpiece with a feather dipped in spirits of lavender.

Edna was sitting on the tabouret, idly brushing the tips of a feather duster along the carpet when he came in again.

Around her throat was a white feather boa, while her features were half concealed by the veil she wore.