Averted [verb]

Definition of Averted:

thwart; avoid by turning away

Synonyms of Averted:

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Sentence/Example of Averted:

The most pressing matter is the government spending bill—something that is needed by December 11 in order to avert a federal government shutdown.

To avert catastrophic levels of warming, we have to make “far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society,” according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The wearing of masks and the social distancing and doing things that some of these other countries have done, like closing down bars…would make a huge difference and would in fact avert the necessity of a strict lockdown.

With industrywide coordination, thousands of DNS providers around the world installed a fix that averted this doomsday scenario.

The current president has largely ignored the findings and recommendations of scientists, while his opponent’s stated climate plan is generally in line with the changes we know we need to avert climate catastrophe.

It also found that a strong majority of Americans — about 8 in 10 — say that human activity is fueling climate change, and roughly half believe action is urgently needed within the next decade if humanity is to avert its worst effects.

The war on truth is one of many catastrophic threats that will require long-term thinking to avert.

“Not only should we create new SDRs to help us, but a good number of Western countries don’t use them, which means they could be transferred to us to avert our liquidity issues descending into insolvency issues,” says Ofori-Atta.

The approximately 31,000 warrants averted over the three-year period saved an estimated $650,000 from court costs alone.

A traffic management crisis was averted because automated network functions and components were able to spin up in a matter of hours.