Answered [verb]

Definition of Answered:

reply, react

Synonyms of Answered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Answered:

Sentence/Example of Answered:

The Princess still kept her eyes fixed on Louis, while, in a suppressed and unsteady voice, she answered her governess.

"A camp-fire would hardly flash and die out like that, Sarge," he answered thoughtfully.

Answered Elizabeth, hardly attempting to conceal her scornful doubt of his sincerity.

It seemed rather strange to be spoken to by a cab-horse, but Davy answered that he was feeling quite well.

"Yes, Alessandro," she answered faintly, the gusts sweeping her voice like a distant echo past him.

And when he answered it, he was obliged to acknowledge that she had made upon his nature a definite impression.

"I believe that is what they call it," Gordon answered, gazing back at her with his densely clouded blue eyes.

And since nobody answered, Jolly Robin seemed to think he had silenced Mrs. Robin—for once.

The lady of the roses went to the mirror over the untidy mantel piece, and looked at herself, as she answered.

"I will use any word you think more adequate, madame, if you will suggest it," he answered tartly.