Remedied [verb]

Definition of Remedied:

fix, cure

Synonyms of Remedied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Remedied:

Sentence/Example of Remedied:

I do not ask your condolence and regret for what is past, for that now cannot be remedied.

But I trust that the condition can be remedied, if it persists.

This, I felt, was one of the first things that must be remedied.

This condition, however, may be remedied by instruction and education.

Obliteration of a portion of the Urethra, remedied by an operation.

Nothing could be prevented now, and nothing could be remedied.

I remedied it by simply disregarding the sense of what she said.

For bablynge (as Plutarchus sayth) is a greuous disease, and harde to be remedied.

He said the girl's title was defective, but that easily could be remedied.

This may be remedied to some extent by stirring or keeping the cathode in motion.