Finalized [adjective]

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If TikTok doesn’t get the extension and the deal is still not finalized by Thursday, the government would be able to go to court to sue to force the sale, said Robert Chesney, an associate dean at the University of Texas School of Law.

After the release of their positive preliminary data, some governments have rushed to finalize orders and start negotiations with Pfizer and BioNTech.

This is the time to finalize your budget, adjust your bids and overall strategy, so you can easily adapt and pivot during the busier times ahead as you see campaign results and understand how your audience is responding.

Results were still being finalized in Maryland, but commanding leads have emerged in school board races in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, the state’s two largest districts.

It is routine for states to continue counting votes after Election Day, and Pennsylvania said results likely wouldn’t be finalized for several days.

Even under normal circumstances, it can take time to finalize results.

Some chief marketing officers at DTC startups, like Prose’s vice president of growth marketing Guilhaum Ceccaldi, had previously told Modern Retail that they would wait to finalize their holiday marketing plans until after the election had passed.

The two sides are still finalizing details of a compromise and the price could change, the people said.

Last year, there were 107 Miracle outposts, and while the company is still finalizing the 2020 lineup, it expects around 100 participating locations across the country.

In another move, the EPA plans to finalize a “Transparency Rule” that could force agency scientists to prioritize studies where researchers have made all of the raw data publicly available.