Addressing [verb]

Definition of Addressing:

write directions for delivery

Synonyms of Addressing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Addressing:

Sentence/Example of Addressing:

He sealed the letter, addressing it to Cannes; called a waiter, late as it was, and desired him to post it.

"I thought you'd like to see this mountain battery, Fetherston," exclaimed the general, addressing the other civilian.

This command was repeated presently in a hurried way, and Jessie realized that the voice was addressing her.

Some eager men were for addressing the King to turn Lucas out of office.

"You have had access to my dossier—I feel sure you have, monsieur," Paul said, addressing Pierrepont.

Do not think of by-standers and lookers-on; think only of the individual to whom you are addressing yourself.

Eliminate the disgraceful epithet from your vocabulary, sir, when you are addressing yours truly.

In tribute to this literary productivity, he liked to refer to himself as Literature, while addressing Tootles as Art.

Digby guessed that it was Monsieur Guillaume, the French master, who was thus addressing him.

"Millions," says Monpavon boldly, in the tone of a man who would have no difficulty in addressing himself elsewhere.