Revealed [verb]

Definition of Revealed:

disclose, tell

Opposite/Antonyms of Revealed:

Sentence/Example of Revealed:

Never before had he seen his sin in the light in which it was now revealed by God's Word.

Many of Hester's own thoughts were revealed to her that night by the side of the dead Moxy.

It revealed surely a tender heart, one responsive to a pure love.

Then, the bitterness of Garson's soul was revealed by the fierceness in his voice as he replied.

Something of what was in his mind was revealed in Garson's first speech after Griggs's going.

The girl's answer was uttered with nervous eagerness which revealed her own stress of fear.

Only Mary was revealed clearly as she bent in alarm toward the man she had married.

For seconds, there was revealed the busy stenographer, bent over his pad.

Our sickness (sin) is revealed to us by the Ten Commandments.

I did not know what to make of my life because the Holder of the Heavens had not revealed himself to me.