Coiffed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Coiffed:

A shrewd-looking, rather trim old lady with carefully coiffed hair stood in the doorway.

Try as he might, he, the designer of fabulously rare head-dresses, could not induce this charming Madams hair to stay coiffed.

The main building is square, with a great coiffed round tower at each corner.

When will you be coiffed with your big bell a hundred feet under ground, cursed bellringer?

Her hair was always coiffed in the latest mode, and not one lock was ever known to be out of place.

No woman was visible except the white-coiffed grandmother who served the drinks.

I now saw her a pale brunette, coiffed in a rich gold band ornamented with precious stones.

A 'bonne' coiffed with ribbon shepherded two little girls with pig-tails and frilled drawers.

Superbly gowned and coiffed and otherwise decorated, she went, and her entrance was the sensation of the evening.

Its chief distinction comes from its two pointed coiffed towers, one at either end of a high sloping gable.