Caparisoned [verb]

Definition of Caparisoned:

dress up

Synonyms of Caparisoned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caparisoned:


Sentence/Example of Caparisoned:

At the right of the duke, and towering above him with its large body, ambles a camel richly caparisoned.

Close by her wheel, so that she could mount him at a moment's notice, was led Merodach, caparisoned with crimson and gold.

The Moor had also caparisoned himself, if we may say so, for the intended visit, and he had evidently done it in haste.

He wore a robe of crimson satin lined with black velvet, and his black horse was richly caparisoned.

Then came the Knight Marshal on a caparisoned steed, himself in a suit of gilt armour, and in a richly embroidered surcoat.

Baldur's horse was led to the pile fully caparisoned, and consumed in the same flames on the body of his master.

He told me a great deal about the ancient Randolphs, and the way they had fought on caparisoned steeds with lances.

The animals were far from gaily caparisoned, straw packs on their backs serving the place of saddles.

Compare to the car drawn by four white bulls, the gallant bay charger barded with steel, and caparisoned with cloth of gold.

He was never richly caparisoned with embroidered bridle and trappings of scarlet and gold.