Silvery [adjective]

Definition of Silvery:

harmonious, musical

Synonyms of Silvery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Silvery:

Sentence/Example of Silvery:

In the silvery moonlight all the fairy, flower-like quality of her was enhanced.

Provost was tall, his silvery hair was blown about, and he had a droll face.

A man was approaching, alone, across the silvery sand-hills.

Other boughs sagged under the weight of silvery cornucopias.

The house was in darkness, and the moon brought it out in silvery, frigid relief.

How silvery was the hair in places; and there were lines that had not been there a year before.

The silver will now appear on the ivory in a metallic state, and the knife will retain its silvery coat for a long time.

It was too quiet there for them, too pure in its silvery whiteness.

In the silvery water-way there was something floating that looked as if it might have been a tub.

He mocked her silvery treble in his lusty baritone and roared with laughter.