mellifluous [adjective]

Definition of mellifluous:

smooth and sweet sounding

pleasing to the ear

sweetly melodic.

Synonyms of mellifluous:

Opposite/Antonyms of mellifluous:

Sentence/Example of mellifluous:

I think his voice is noble, mellifluous, rich and with a good range of colours.

“Good morning,” the other replied in a soft and mellifluous voice.

"Of course, she cares for her infant," continued Ulita, in a mellifluous voice.

It is indescribable how soft and mellifluous his voice had now become.

Only the map of Australia, with its mellifluous Maori names, can match it.

First it was to German strains, soft, equable, and mellifluous.

David's face had become a mask of fury, but his voice was mellifluous.

Idaho, too, has one of the most mellifluous of names, meaning the “Gem of the Mountains.”

"No," she replied in mellifluous tones, with her most distracting smile.

Pike returned mellifluous thanks, while I looked at Walker and smiled.

Properly spoken, there is no language so mellifluous as Italian.