Honeyed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Honeyed:

With honeyed words, and well-timed flattery she detached State after State from the Union.

On a knoll the air is honeyed with wild crab-apple; along a slope the senses tingle with the scent of the green walnut.

With the Philanthus, the provision of honeyed flowers, though favourably received, is not indispensable.

Had he been less blunt or coercive, had he employed a more honeyed appeal, she would not have felt so moved in his behalf.

There is nothing about "Cupid's arrow," or "Dian's wit;" no honeyed word escapes his lips,—nor again does any accent of despair.

When I lift my hand in the sunshine the weight of the yellow honeyed air bears down and down on it because Im so Tired.

Perhaps he is wayward and uncertain; and you fear that the honeyed words of courtship might turn to bitter sayings in matrimony.

Could this strange being, with honeyed words and winning ways, be that fiery, vindictive girl?

The odorous breeze, scented with honeyed clover and the perfume of roses, grew languid in its sweetness, and presently died away.

A juicy journal would be a new departure—it suggests oily words and honeyed speeches!