Aglow [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Aglow:

Aristide, aglow with a sudden impudent inspiration, leant across the marble table.

Thunder Knob was all aglow, and the cloud coals were piled heaven-high above it, burning gold and red.

Genevieve did suddenly see Cordelia's face as it had been that afternoon, all aglow with happiness.

Cannon were flaming on all the hills, and the whole country was aglow with the camp fires of the two great armies.

They tell of those far-off days when the molten granite had but begun to harden, and was all aglow with the hues of fire.

Scores of other savages squatted before us, their repulsive faces aglow with interest and excitement.

But she turned her eyes away, while her heart thumped disgracefully and all her body was aglow.

Her bare arms and neck were as soft and firm as a baby's; her riant, un-English face seemed all aglow of color and mellow eyes.

She appeared undisturbed when Matey, wearing his holiday white ducks, and all aglow, entered the booth.

Leilas face was aglow with a new-found happiness as she and Marjorie ran up the stairs to Veras room.