Incandescent [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Incandescent:

They are so hot they are incandescent — meaning they emit light.

Its a fine large word, and is in my line; it has quite a learned and cerebrospinal incandescent sound.

The yacht is lighted throughout by electricity, there being over 200 incandescent lamps.

On the inside of the spool, or towel support, an ordinary incandescent electric globe was placed.

Pieces of platinum that will serve very nicely for the purpose may be obtained from an old incandescent lamp.

The experiments and endeavors that brought this result constitute the story of the incandescent lamp.

There are now in use in the United States some two million arc lights and nearly double that number of incandescent.

Something has been previously said of the difficulties attending the making of the filament for the incandescent light.

They were made of wood, lined with asbestos, and were lighted inside with an incandescent lamp.

But when it was gone their blistered bodies still held the heat like things incandescent.