Red [noun]

Definition of Red:

color of blood; shade resembling such a color

Synonyms of Red:

Opposite/Antonyms of Red:


Sentence/Example of Red:

Yes, the bathing-suit does have little touches of red, and red—but this will never do.

The ball of red fire in the west was half below the rim of the distant peak.

On our way Tommy Windich shot a red kangaroo, which we carried to camp.

But Andrew, with the chestnut running like a red flash beneath him, had vanished.

"I'll forget my right hand sooner," said the big, red man calmly.

But my hands are red with his blood, and I can't touch your pure garments.

Every now and then she swerved aside to pick the red campion.

Up there in the red North great things are doing and I am out of it.

He attacks it as a bull a red cloak, goring it, stamping on it, tearing it to shreds.

Do you observe this red glow,—dusky, too, amid all the brightness?