Salmon [noun]

Definition of Salmon:

combination of red and yellow

Synonyms of Salmon:

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Sentence/Example of Salmon:

Now this Salmon, according to the genealogy, was David's great-grandfather.

Yet its use is absolutely indispensable to the salmon angler on the Spey.

Have ready a small tureen of lobster sauce to accompany the salmon.

Heat it over again, and send it to table with salmon or fresh cod.

The weir had been erected to pen the Chenook salmon from going further up-stream.

He contradicted Flipfield dead, before he had eaten his salmon.

The first saw-mill was erected at Salmon Falls as early as 1635.

Larger fish, such as cod and salmon, are fried in the shape of cutlets.

If the salmon is served cold, the tartare sauce is poured over it.

The spores are yellowish or salmon color when caught on white paper, 7.5–105–6.