Cardinal [adjective]

Definition of Cardinal:

important, key

Synonyms of Cardinal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cardinal:

Sentence/Example of Cardinal:

His latest pronouncement supporting civil unions is a rehashed stance as cardinal in Argentina.

Fill it with a variety of nonaggressive fish—like neon and cardinal tetras—and cute aquarium decor.

Defenses may have overreacted to dribble penetration, violating the cardinal rule of never helping off the strongside corner.

Krajewski is one of the youngest cardinals in the world, aged 56, and he said that this is what Jesus would have done.

However, the priest’s resources were stretched by the health crisis, so he turned to the cardinal known as “the Pope’s Robin Hood” who runs the Vatican charities, and he wired money to help the group.

He thrust the Cardinal's mantle into it, and stood over the smouldering cloth, till the whole was consumed to ashes.

Before his rencontre with Ripperda at the Cardinal's, he had penetrated all the secrets of the Altheim apartments.

The Cardinal then hinted, that Wharton had vanished on some occult mission, to circumvent the Italian investiture.

I saw Cardinal de Giovenozzo this morning; and he tells me that Wharton has disappeared.

He was taken up for dead; and Richelieu and the Cardinal conjured me to hush the affair.