Overruling [verb]

Definition of Overruling:

cancel, reverse a decision

Synonyms of Overruling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overruling:

Sentence/Example of Overruling:

By overruling this plea, the Court decided that the matter it contained was not a bar to the action.

To an overruling Providence, and to the instincts of the dogs, I owe my life.

Yes, after a fashion—in some tremendous and overruling Power, at any rate.

They are all ordered by an overruling providence that is omnipotent and divine.

But—and in this case I am not overruling, but only suggesting—Jim is waiting all this time.

It seems as if some overruling providence were now acting in my favour.

It was the air of royalty in the presence of an overruling power.

Never tell me again that there's no such thing as an overruling providence.

“There is an overruling Power above us, you know,” she went on.

The overruling Providence of God is no less discernible in this event.