Overriding [adjective]

Definition of Overriding:

central, most important

Synonyms of Overriding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overriding:

Sentence/Example of Overriding:

Rather, conflict is an overriding feature of the human condition.

Man immediately proceeded to discover means of overriding the limit.

She was headstrong and accustomed to overriding opposition: to having her own way.

His triumph in his own efficiency was overriding his annoyance.

Accordingly, there is thus produced an overriding of the pressures.

"I will not let him go," said Mrs. Gresley, the mother in her overriding her awe of the Bishop.

But they will be overriding alliances, not overriding rulers.

Yet the command of Zeus his master is urgent, overriding the claims of kindred blood.

He believed fundamentally in the gracious Word of God revealed to man, as overriding and over-ruling all other authorities.

But the greatest danger lay, not in overriding the House, but in undermining it by political bribery.