Peripheral [adjective]

Definition of Peripheral:

minor, outside

Synonyms of Peripheral:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peripheral:

Sentence/Example of Peripheral:

Then the peripheral soul will return; and we have our safe, sane citizen again.

The process is, moreover, confined to peripheral manifestations.

If the wall of the hollow lens be rather thick, the difference in the shape of the central and peripheral pores is often striking.

Spongy disk lenticular, with an irregular, dense framework, in the centre darker than in the peripheral part.

With reference to the peripheral nerve-stems there is not much to be said.

The peripheral system is composed of a ventral and a dorsal vessel.

When the peripheral arteries are palpable they are not always sclerosed.

Even though the peripheral neuron may be suffering to some extent, this is true.

But beneath these peripheral causes of irritation there lay a deeper offence.

Rudimentary hallucinations may have either a peripheral or a central origin.