External [adjective]

Definition of External:

outside, extrinsic

Synonyms of External:

Opposite/Antonyms of External:

Sentence/Example of External:

Our cleansing products are specifically formulated at an appropriate pH level for the external vulvar area.

Some could lead to external headsets that may tell the difference between hunger and boredom.

Here, campaigns are reviewed by a mix of internal and external judges on a quarterly basis.

The material adapted its reaction based on the external stimuli that it received.

If you’re on a laptop without headphones or external peripherals, this process might feel redundant, but once you add other devices to the mix, things can get more complicated.

Starfish breathe as oxygen diffuses over small external projections called skin gills.

So another important factor in smart TVs’ viewership growth is the smart TV platforms developing to the point that an external CTV device is unnecessary.

In our survey, 62% of respondents say in-housing will allow for efficient remote working, 59% say it will improve agency transparency, and 58% say it will save external costs.

The data has not been peer-reviewed or published but will be carefully reviewed by career FDA scientists and an external panel of experts who will determine if the vaccine meets the safety and efficacy requirements for emergency use.

A section laying out some of the sources of internal and external data is redacted.