Puce [adjective]

Definition of Puce:

dark, burnished color

Synonyms of Puce:

Opposite/Antonyms of Puce:


Sentence/Example of Puce:

It serves for reds and pinks, and enters into the composition of puce and lilac.

He did not use a deep purple or a puce colour in the ornaments of his dress.

They describe my heliotrope poplin as puce alpaca with a muslin frill!

To make plum-color or puce, indigo is the dye, with a cochineal.

But the case of the inhabitant of the puce dressing-gown was an exception to the rule.

The livery hoods seem finally, in 1568, to have settled down to scarlet and puce, the gowns to blue.

Puce and purple pillows lay, holding golden locks of sun, piled and lifted by light breezes, the painted eider–down of sunset.

Headsman Samson, though he afterwards denied it, sells locks of the hair: fractions of the puce coat are long after worn in rings.

In puce velvet, a great trumpet-mouthed gun in his hands, he stood beefy and menacing before them.

She wore a puce silk paletot, and a brown hat trimmed with black lace; an unbecoming costume for one so tall.