Copper [adjective]

Definition of Copper:

coppery-brown color

Synonyms of Copper:

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Sentence/Example of Copper:

The commercial products are being developed with copper-based shape memory alloys, which are softer and don’t need as much force as nickel-titanium alloys.

One model created at the facility is a knit mask woven through with copper, which is being used in medical facilities and by the US military.

Others were made using titanium, copper, chromium or zirconium.

Then he stuffed copper wool into each end to press the powder together.

Under some of the previous rules that were in place, these companies had to maintain those copper networks no matter what, even though these networks were not providing consumers high-capacity, high-quality broadband.

The vicar's wife sat before a huge book, in front of her were little piles of copper money.

Beds, in those days, were warmed with copper warming pans, and nightcaps adorned the slumbering heads of both sexes.

Such a furnace worked there for many years, until copper smelting was removed from Cornwall to Wales.

The Japanese use both copper and silver pipes, most of them similar in shape and size to those used by the Chinese.

One evening at tea, a copper kettle, with hot water, stood on the hob.