Crimson [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Crimson:

The excellent, though cooler, weather continues for several weeks as the foliage turns crimson, gold, and orange, reaching its peak in early to mid-October.

As I sat at my office desk, watching the setting sun tint the cloudless sky a light crimson, my mind reached a chromatic, if mechanical, future.

The coronavirus pandemic is rolling across America like a great crimson wave.

The restaurant sells its colorful handiwork — crimson tuna, fat-streaked salmon, finely scored squid glistening with flying fish roe — not by the piece but the box.

A burning crimson flushed over the cheek of Wharton, as Louis uttered this ardent appeal to friendship and to Heaven.

Large divans of the richest crimson and violet brocades lined the walls, while ample curtains of the same served in lieu of doors.

In fact, a deep, wide stain showed crimson upon the bandages in which he had swathed his hand.

In the clear light of a window at the woman's back, her hair, with a groundwork of crimson, was overshot with iridescent lights.

Many of the officials had on high-crowned hats decorated with bunches of feathers and crimson tassels.

I want a spool of red silk, two pieces of crimson dress braid, and a spool of fifty cotton.