Cherry [adjective]

Definition of Cherry:

bright red color

Synonyms of Cherry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cherry:


Sentence/Example of Cherry:

Cherry-tree stems, under the name of agriots, constitute a specialty of Austrian manufacture.

Others again will be found of a fine red, having something of a most lovely light cherry tint.

There was then a great deal of old timber about the place and a long avenue of oaks, besides three large cherry orchards.

It was all cherry satin and white lace, the furniture lilliputian, to match the proportions of the room and the lady.

I want Mis' Calvert to taste it, an' when she does she'll say she never knew before what cherry pie could be!

Mis' Spencer, you set that cherry pie o' yourn on this particular spot an' figure of this table-cloth!

"I never had such a cheerful crowd of cherry pickers before," Mrs. McAllister said at last.

When the cherry pickers returned to their little home they examined everything carefully.

But who is this magnificent creature coming along over the lawn under the cherry-tree?

She did not see the flute-player; she noticed nothing but his flute and his boat with the cherry blossoms.