Dahlia [noun]

Definition of Dahlia:

color of blood; shade resembling such a color

Synonyms of Dahlia:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dahlia:


Sentence/Example of Dahlia:

There has been a great change of opinion with regard to the Dahlia.

They are the most graceful members of the entire Dahlia family, allowing me to be judge.

She liked a bulk of colour; and when the dahlia dawned upon our gardens, she gave her heart to dahlias.

Policy and Dahlia's entreaties at last prevailed with the farmer, and so the fair girl went up to the great city.

Dahlia and Rhoda taught the children to perceive how they resembled bent old beggar-men.

Dahlia, seeing that every one moved away from her, whispering with satisfied noddings, wished to draw her in among the groups.

When Anthony was ready to speak of her Dahlia, she obtruded this question in utter dolefulness.

She thought that he feared pain from hearing Dahlia's name, and followed him with her eyes commiseratingly.

So he looked at Mrs. Sumfit, who now took upon herself to plead for Dahlia: a young thing, and such a handsome creature!

But Anthony, before he entered the house, had assured him that Dahlia was well, and that nothing was wrong with her.