Scarlet [adjective]

Definition of Scarlet:

pinkish, blushing

Synonyms of Scarlet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scarlet:


Sentence/Example of Scarlet:

There was an enigmatic smile bending the scarlet lips as she answered.

As it was, his face was scarlet, when he turned it away from the desk and towards the boys.

Sophy was unwell, was feverish; the scarlet fever had been in the neighbourhood.

The doctor was sent for, and pronounced it to be the scarlet fever.

She took off her hat and pulled the scarlet flowers from it.

"I'm not twenty yet," said Betty, with ears and face of scarlet.

To-day she had contrived to pick up some geranium blossoms, scarlet and pink.

The boy's face was red enough at all times, but it turned to scarlet now.

But not a single man in the crowd called upon the stranger in scarlet.

He, also, took overheed to what he was about, and so he fell into Will Scarlet's error.