Suffused [verb]

Definition of Suffused:

spread out

Synonyms of Suffused:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suffused:

Sentence/Example of Suffused:

Scarce was there an eye but what was suffused with tears of joy.

It was done, and Lucy Ann looked at herself with a smile all suffused by love and longing.

She spoke earnestly, and her face was suffused with a warm light.

He looked up in her face, his own suffused with a colour I had never seen in it before.

For a great white light, as one might say, had now suffused me.

His emotion was such that his hands shook like a leaf, his eyes were suffused with tears.

Body and soul were suffused with joy, and she leapt out of bed with a spring.

And now her eyes were suffused with tears though her lips were smiling.

At noon there was no sunshine, only a wan, ashen light that suffused the sky.

My face crimsoned, even my fingers were suffused with the rosy hue of shame.