Interject [verb]

Definition of Interject:

throw in; interrupt

Synonyms of Interject:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interject:

Sentence/Example of Interject:

I made a real effort to interject before he morphed into this other person who I didn’t recognize, so I was disheartened that it had gotten this far.

I vividly recall holding a briefing for a client, only for my 4-year-old to interject with requests for apple juice and Paw Patrol.

Even through technical glitches and delayed disconnect, Guralnik always knows when to interject, when to stay on a subject and probe further, and when to let a dispute between her clients run a useful course.

Between strides the widow managed to interject a few explanatory sentences.

"It was good enough for him," Mrs. Murray heard Don interject, in a triumphant tone, to Murdie.

This was true enough; and I only nodded to him, fearing to interject any new ideas from which he might go rambling.

More than once exactly the right moment presented itself when he could interject an apposite remark.

Even the district attorney was not able to interject a hint of the lemonade story, and so, naturally, she ignored it.

I do not want to interject a speech into my evidence, but if you want a speech I can give it to you on that question.

Does not Cinderella interject a social and economic situation which is both confusing and vicious?