Becloud [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Becloud:

A sudden doubt came out of this glory to becloud Barney's master mind.

You have seen the cuttle fish attempt to becloud the water and elude the grasp of his pursuer.

Where he could not elucidate a point to his own advantage, he would fatally becloud it for his opponent.

This decision made both Northern and Southern agents anxious and the latter took steps further to becloud the status of the Rams.

It must be remembered that the mores sometimes becloud the judgment, but they more often guide it.

I will becloud the jailer's senses: get possession of the key, and lead her forth with human hand!

An arrow wound was more disabling than a bullet wound; and arrows did not becloud the vision with smoke.

The fury of the ride continues, increases, until Mazeppa loses consciousness and mists becloud his senses.

Anxiety about his son did much to becloud the last years of his life.

He even dared to hope so when the doubts did not becloud his vision.