Camouflage [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Camouflage:

Next, it cycles through other confusing behaviors — jetting, shooting ink and reverting to camouflage — until it has eluded the enemy.

This camouflage comes from a layer of densely packed, pigmented structures just below the skin’s surface.

Not only is the robot wearing clothes, those clothes happen to be a camouflaged chemical protection suit and gas mask.

All modern, adult birds molt at least once a year to replace old, damaged feathers, or to exchange their bright summer colors for drab winter camouflage.

That camouflage is the result of a layer of densely packed pigment-containing structures just below the skin’s surface, researchers report online July 16 in Current Biology.

It is not always the airman, in these days of camouflage, who brings word of ammunition trains or of new batteries.

Artillery was everywhere, mostly in little pits over which the gunners were spreading green strips of camouflage.

As a rule the young girl knows what she is doing, but she is taught to camouflage it, to preserve her "innocence."

Of course I know they're always calling each other by pet names; but that's mere camouflage for their matter-of-factness.

She was wearing army camouflage pants and giant gothy boots with steel over-toes.