beard [noun]

Definition of beard:

  • The hair growing on the lower part of a man’s face.
  • To confront or challenge someone boldly.

Synonyms of beard:

Opposite/Antonyms of beard:




Sentence/Example of beard:

He decided to grow a beard over the winter months.

The old man’s beard was long and white.

She admired the neatly trimmed beard of her colleague.

He shaved his beard before the job interview.

The pirate had a thick, black beard that made him look intimidating.

The actor’s beard was part of his costume for the play.

His beard made him look much older than he actually was.

The barbershop offers specialized beard grooming services.

He stroked his beard thoughtfully while considering the question.

The young man sported a fashionable beard that was the envy of his friends.

He decided to beard the lion in its den and confront his boss about the unfair treatment.

The knight bearded the dragon in its cave.

She resolved to beard the manager about the poor service she received.

The protestors bearded the politicians about the new policies.

He knew he had to beard his fears to achieve his dreams.