Mimicry [noun]

Definition of Mimicry:


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Sentence/Example of Mimicry:

But she brought nothing back except her mimicry of the man's manner.

The children lie in ambush and fall upon one another in the mimicry of hunting.

Let us take the cases of mimicry amongst lepidoptera and other insects.

No fact of your letter has interested me more than that about mimicry.

Terry's voice deepened in mimicry: "'No petticoats for mine!'"

The reason for this is, of course, that the resemblance in this instance cannot be a case of mimicry.

Now, cabinet zoologists are never tired of writing about mimicry.

He attacks with telling effect the fantastic Darwinian "Mimicry."

The man was not only a very clever magician, but a master of mimicry.

Notice the mimicry of the echo in the vowel sounds of the line.