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For example, fossils show how apes came to walk upright over millions of years, leading to the evolution of humans.

I worry too for the charismatic species—elephants, whales, dolphins, the great apes—whose habitats are being plundered.

These pie charts tally the methods seven apes used on their crossings.

Murphy had worked with great apes since her first zoo post at Zoo New England in Boston, Mass.

The majority of modern mammals—about 70 percent—aren’t social creatures, Weaver says, and the trait was previously believed to have evolved at the same time as the placental group of mammals, which includes humans and other apes.

All their descendants—Bantu, Berber, Aztec, Aboriginal, Tamil, San, Han, Maori, Inuit, Irish—share certain peculiar behaviors absent in other great apes.

Varna is such a town as only could have been devised by a nomadic race aping the habits of civilized nations.

The usual meaning of the word to the Greek, as to the modern, seems to be little more than an aping or mimicking.

It is sound, perhaps it may even be fine sound, yet it signifies nothing: it is as the painted face aping true beauty.

Val leaned back in her chair, wondering if Julia was annoyed at Scherer's aping of Ethan.