Paint [noun]

Definition of Paint:

tinted covering

Synonyms of Paint:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paint:


Sentence/Example of Paint:

He will paint the same scene under a dozen conditions of light.

Why did Shakespeare want to paint this unpleasant bitter-tongued wife?

He could paint you Bassanio or Benedick or Mercutio to the life.

His passion is so intense that he has no desire to paint her seduction as greater than it was.

S' fur 's the pitcher goes, it's about as good 's kin be did with paint, I guess.

Yes, except the part that makes the picture worth the paint it's done with!

There was one which he did paint at once, however—though no one saw it but Della.

He has got to paint them so you can tell them apart the minute you look at them, hain't he?

In the hurry of finishing, some of the woodwork had but one coat of paint.

Eudora's, behind her trees and leafing vines, was gray for lack of paint.